Saturday, 14 January 2012

What it is...

I was going to write about returning to training from a long illness.  I started writing it and realised that I was bored.  If I was bored writing it then it was almost certainly boring to read, so I deleted it and am starting again.

My sister is beating me at posts, she has done about 4 or 5 and I have done 1, and this just won't do.  The problem is that she, as well as being a top endurance cyclist trainee, is an actual proper writer.  I have never written anything in my life and therefore find it difficult to make myself write, I can't even do proper grammar and puntuation most of the time;..!

But this has nothing to do with cycling, so let's get on with it.

When I first mentioned to my big sister that I was going to attempt a second long distance cycling challenge and that she should get involved, I didn't really mean it.  Well I did, but I didn't for one second think she would actually do it because she has an allergic reaction to physical activities. 
As it turns out she must have slipped getting out of the bath and banged her head, because she suddenly decided that she was going to get off her considerable arse and try some cycling.  This came as a surprise, but a good surprise.

I selected a nice easy beginner ride, something with pretty things to look at so she didn't get bored, and off we went.  So far so good, she actually seemed quite excited about cycling.  But I wasn't convinced, not yet.  It would take more than a flat, sunny 20 mile jolly to make me believe she would actually stick with it.

Time and miles passed, and a new bike was bought.  My confidence in my sister's ability grew, so far she had only fallen off once and she didn't cry when it rained.  I started to believe in her newborn wobbly-legged lamb of determination.  She was hitting all the targets I had set for her and more.  Strange, I had always believed that I was born with all the good genes and she was born with all the bad ones, maybe she had sneaked a few of the good ones before I could get to them.

Linda and I have always been close, but as the miles ticked over I started to feel a new bond form between us.  I actually started to feel proud of my big sister, this was a new thing because as far as I'm aware she's never done anything good (apart from creating 3 handsome boys who all take after their awesome uncle in various ways).  When she managed to get to the top of Jubilee Tower for the first time I almost felt as though we should hug it up or something (sick!).

It's been about six months or so since we started this adventure and I finally see her as a serious, amateur endurance cyclist trainee.  At this moment in time I have no doubt that at the end of August this year she will be standing right next to me on the start line of our 340 mile, 48 hour test of body and mind, looking proud, confident and mighty, just like a Cycling Titan should do!

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